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1 a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land areas
2 a narrow band of tissue connecting two larger parts of an anatomical structure [also: isthmi (pl)]

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Latin, from Greek ἰσθμός neck


  • /ˈɪsməs/


  1. A narrow strip of land, bordered on two sides by water, and connecting two larger landmasses.

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An isthmus (, , plural isthmuses or isthmi) is a narrow strip of land that is bordered on two sides by water and connects two larger land masses. It is the inverse of a strait (which lies between two land masses and connects two larger bodies of water).
Many canals are built on isthmi where it is particularly advantageous to create a shortcut for marine transportation. Of note is the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and drastically reduces the naval travel time between the east and west coasts of America.

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